Meet the sophisticated design and converter technology of the i-LEDS!
Vitalita offers a higher level of light.

Design the light.

Ultra Slim Flat LED Pannel Lighting

Comfort without glare

Flat Panel type

While a conventional LED light directly beams down to the center, Vitalita, ultra flat panel LED light, reflects light from the side and provides nonglare light to the center.

Direct-lit LED

Ultra-thin flat panel LED of i-LEDS 

Quick and easy

Non-ceiling hole

Conventional dimming converters are thicker and require a separate process to cut the ceiling. Because i-LEDS Dimming Converter is thin, it can be installed in the place where the existing light is removed.


Conventional dimming converter

Ceiling hole


i-LEDS dimming converter

Non-ceiling hole

심플한 디자인

Simple design

Ultra slim

Vitalita is 22mm thickness even with the built-in converter on the back. This makes the floor look high and creates a neat and stylish space.


Various sizes enables a variety of designs.


Overview of Vitalita products

Vitalita's dimming function creates a diverse atmosphere in a variety of spaces.